Frequently asked questions

What is the criteria to enter Miss Birmingham?

- Ladies aged between 18-27 - There are no height or size restrictions, unlike most other pageants women can be mothers/or married - Live within a 50 mile radius, works or studies in Birmingham - Have a valid UK passport

What are the rounds in the Miss Birmingham final show?

There are 4 rounds in the final show of Miss Birmingham: - Fashion wear of choice - Outfit in Great Britain colours (Red, blue and white) - Evening wear round (Long gown of choice) - Question round

What are you looking for in your winner?

We are looking for someone who will be an outstanding ambassador for the city of Birmingham. Our contestants are not only judged on their physical appearance but on all attributes, a strong, successful and independent young lady should posess. Personality and interview play a huge part in the selection and judging process of Miss Birmingham.

How many awards/titles are won on the final of Miss Birmingham?

On the finals of Miss Birmingham there are plenty of awards and titles to be won: - Miss Charity Birmingham (The person who raises the most for charity will win) - Miss Publicity Birmingham - Miss MOW smile (Sponsored by Ministry of whitening) - Miss photogenic Birmingham - Miss Congeniality Birmingham (voted by contestants) - Miss Popularity Birmingham (social media online voting) - Best fashion wear award - Best evening Wear award - Best creative outfit award - Best interview award